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Plant Power Program for Weight Loss by Ron Krebs

If Everyone Ate Like This, Obesity Would Be Rare - Ron

What        you eat determines your weight - Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Obesity is Not
        Inevitable - Dr. Michael Greger

Beware of Leanwashing - Dr. Michael Greger

Use Vegetables to Overcome Obesity

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            Infographics to Educate

How to Eat More and Weigh Less

Some Foods are Impossible to Overeat - Dr. Michael Greger

Eat Enough to
        Feel Full - Dr. Saray Stancic

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Stop Counting - Dr. Garth Davis

Cut        Calorie Density - Dr. Michael Greger

How to Achieve Permanent Weight Loss - Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Dr McDougall's Maximum Weight Loss Program

Detailed Weight Loss Program - Dr. John McDougall

The Best Diet
        for Weight Loss - Dr. Michael Greger

Fiber Fiber Fiber

        Seeds to Combat Obesity - Dr. Michael Greger

        Power Success Story: Jim Beerstecher

        Diet Sets Weight Loss Record - Dr. Michael Greger

How to
        Lose Weight by Eating More

Exercise is not a weightloss drug

Diet vs Exercise for Weight Loss - Dr. Michael Greger

Lose Weight by Moving More - Dr. Michael Greger

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Vickie Barlow Lost 63 Pounds and No Longer Has Gout or

Misty Young's Weight
        Loss Success Story

Josh Carrero Lost 400 Pounds and Reversed Several Chronic
        Diseases on a Whole-Food Vegan Diet

Breakfast is
        Less Fattening

        Conquered Obesity and Vertigo - Dr. Neal Barnard

Shawn Lost 40 Pounds and Cured Her Asthma

        Feigley Lost 70 Pounds and Reversed Type 2 Diabetes - Dr. Joel        Fuhrman

Teresa Lost 96 Pounds

        lost 90 pounds and reversed Heart Disease

How Not to Diet - Greger

The Starch Solution

Eat for Life -
        Program for Sustained Weight Loss

The China Study

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