Plant Powered Success Stories

How Real People Use the Power of Plants To
        Prevent, Treat, and Reverse Disease
Sharon's Lupus Success Story - Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Plant Power Success Story - Dr. Baxter Montgomery

How I Cured My Chronic Pain with a Whole Food Plant Based Diet - Christine Krebs

From 3 Percent Kidney Function to Dialysis-Free on a WFPB Diet - Don Davis

Plant Based Diets Take Over Sports World - Cheeke and Frazier

Heart Disease Success Story - Dr. Baxter Montgomery reported by Eric Adams

Lewis Hamilton Follows a Plant Based Diet

How I Recovered from Ulcerative Colitis and Testicular Cancer - Thomas Johnson

How a WFPB Diet Helped Me Recover From Prostate Cancer - Carlos Manuel Gonzalez

Felecia Suber's Plant Power Success Story - Dr. Joel Fuhrman

WFPB Sends Prostate Cancer into Remission - Dick Sloane

Carl Lewis, Plant Based Athlete

Mike Tyson's Success Story

Karen Cooper's Multiple Sclerosis Success Story

How Ruby Lathon Defeated Thyroid Cancer

Ruth Heidrich Defeated Breast Cancer, Osteoporosis, and Arthritis

Misty Young Success Story

Plant Power Success Story: Jim Beerstecher

How I Got Rid of 100 Pounds And Helped My Entire Family Get Healthier Nalida Besson

Vickie Barlow Lost 63 Pounds and No Longer Has Gout or Arthritis

Shawn Lost 40 Pounds and Cured Her Asthma

Teresa Rodriguez Success Story

Ulcerative Colitis Success Story

Asthma Success Story

Dr. Bulsiewicz's Path to Better Health

Judy's IBS Success Story

Case Study: Grave's Disease

Scott MacLean's Plant Power Success Story

Devil or Angel?

Diabetes Success Story

Use our Infographics to Help Others

Multiple Sclerosis Success Story

Multiple Sclerosis Success Story

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