Plant Therapy for Mental Illness

Use Plant Power to Defeat Mental Illness

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Plant Power, The Key to Mental Health by Ron Krebs

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If everyone ate a plant powered diet, depression would be rare

The Most Dangerous Fast Food Ingredients - Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Your Brain on Fast Food - Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Fast Food Genocide - Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Frankenfoods are making us sick, stupid, and nasty

Brain Can Heal Itself - Dr. Michael Greger

Saturated Fat Linked to Cognitive Decline - Rip Esselstyn

Animal Products Can Cause Severe Depression

69 Percent of Americans Are Angry - Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Chronic Inflammation and Chronic Disease - Dr. Dean Ornish

Mood and Depression: Low Carb vs High Carb - Dr. Michael Greger

Take Care of Your Gut - Matt Frazier and Robert Cheeke

Plant Therapy for Depression - Dr. Michael Greger

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Fight Depression with Fruits and Vegetables

What You Eat Affects How You Feel - Dr. Michael Greger

Take Control of How You Look and Feel - Dr. Dean Ornish

The Antidepressant Effects of Fruits and Vegetables - Dr. Neal Barnard

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        tell the world that Plant Power is the Key to Health and        Wellness

Mood Disorders and Nutrition - Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Dr. Fuhrman's Nutritarian Diet

Dr. McDougall's Starch Based Diet for Beginners

Plant Powered Diet for Beginners - Dr. Dean Ornish

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WFPB Diet for Beginners - Dr. T. Colin Campbell

Daily Plant Powered Diet for Beginners - Dr. Michael Greger

Food and Mood - Dr. Neal Barnard

Food and Mood - Dr. Michael Greger

Powerful Pomegranates - Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Gut Bacteria and Clinical

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Gut Bacteria Affect Mood - Dr. Dean Ornish

Use Fiber and Probiotic Food to Improve Gut Health - Dr. Shireen Kassam and Dr. Zahra Kassam

Typical Western Diets Kill Good Gut Bacteria and Feed Bad Gut Bacteria - Dr. Michael Greger

Upstairs Brain vs Downstairs Brain - Dr. Will Bulsiewicz

Good Gut Bacteria Fight Disease

Use our            Infographics to Tell the World that Plant Power is the Key            to Health and Wellness

Use Seeds to Combat Depression - Dr. Michael Greger

Use Exercise to Defeat Depression - Dr. Michael Greger

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