NFPA 1600 2007 is now OBSOLETE.

See ISO 22301 2012 in Plain English.


NFPA 1600 is a Disaster Management, Emergency Management, and Business Continuity Standard.

  The NFPA 1600 Standard combines the best from three separate
specialties: disaster management, emergency management, 
and business continuity management
. The result is a single
integrated approach. NFPA calls this a "Total Program Approach".
If you apply the new NFPA 1600 Standard to your Disaster
Management Program
, you will be taking advantage of the
accumulated knowledge and experience of many experts.
  If you choose to comply with the NFPA 1600 2007 Standard,
your Disaster Management Program must address the
following general topics:

Chapter 4. Program Management
4.1  Program Administration
4.2  Program Coordination
4.3  Program Committee
4.4  Program Evaluation


Chapter 5. Program Elements
5.1  Program Development
5.2  Laws and Authorities
5.3  Risk Assessment
5.4  Incident Prevention
5.5  Hazard Mitigation
5.6  Resource Management
5.7  Mutual Aid
5.8  Program Planning
5.9  Incident Management
5.10 Communication and Warning
5.11 Operational Procedures
5.12 Program Facilities
5.13 Training Process
5.14 Program Improvement
5.15 Crisis Communications
5.16 Finance and Administration

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