Dangerous Foods

Foods that Threaten Personal Health and Wellness

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Health Crisis - Dr. Brooke Goldner

Forks Over Knives

Fast Food Causes Disease - Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Have you ever eaten an Egg McMuffin? Dr. Joel Kahn

Frankenfoods are making us sick, stupid, and nasty

Fast Food = Slow Death - Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Fast Foods Accelerate Death - Dr. Joel Fuhrman

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Fast Food Shortens Lives and Damages Brains - Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Fast Food Malnutrition Kills - Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Junk Food Worse Than Cigarettes - Dr. Garth Davis

People Are Addicted to Fake Food - Ron Krebs

Animal Products Cause Inflammation - Dr. Brooke Goldner

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Is Fish a Health Food - Dr. Michael Greger

Dairy is Scary - Dr. Neal Barnard

Dairy is Dangerous - Dr. Michael Greger

Dairy Products and Prostate Cancer

Cheese is Super Addictive - Dr. Neal Barnard

Eggs are Dangerous - Dr. Michael Greger

Chicken Meat is Hazardous - Dr. Garth Davis

Meat is Toxic

Meat is Dangerous - Dr. Neal Barnard

Meat is Dangerous - Dr. Michael Greger

Processed Red Meats Cause Cancer - Dr. Joel Kahn

Meat Protein is as Bad as Smoking

Meat and Cancer

Meat and Type 2

Avoid Vegetable Oils

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Vegetable Oils are Harmful - Dr. Michael Greger

Vegetable Oils are Dangerous - Dr. John McDougall

Olive Oil - Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Are The New Plant-Based Meat Alternatives Healthy? Dr. Shireen Kassam and Dr. Zahra Kassam

Beyond Burger, Impossible Foods Ingredients

Avoid Fake
        Plant-Based Food

Deep Fried Foods
        are Dangerous

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